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Watercolor Butterfly 8
With a background in music, dancing, singing and acting, the lovely Maggie of ‘Maggie Tune’ dreamt of entertaining children since early age. Growing up in Beirut, young Maggie Istilian became very active in Armenian scouts, social clubs, artistic and cultural groups. She performed in different children’s choirs.
Maggie attended Hamazkaine Parsegh Ganatchian Conservatory. She studied the art of Armenian traditional dancing at the Hamazkaine Knar Dance Group. She  performed with them for more than 10 years. Some of these performances took Maggie to stages all around Lebanon and over the rainbow to Cyprus and Armenia.
Performing in Armenia was one of the best moments in my life. I toured many cities and bonded with my native land and hayrenagits!
It was this passion of performance she brought with her when Maggie moved to Los Angeles, California in 2001. She began teaching Armenian language and tradition in different schools and cultural associations. Soon, Maggie collaborated as a dance instructor with Hamazkaine Lory dance troupe for children in La Crascenta and Hamazkaine Akhtamar children’s dance troupe in Pasadena.
Feeling happiest when performing and realizing that she was fulfilling the needs of cultural development among Armenian children, Maggie decided to make a career move into  children’s world or 'mangagan ashkarh'  as she best describes it lovingly.
Maggie produced her first set of Armenian songs in December 2004.
Maggie’s CD “Datevik” was nominated as the 'Best Newcomer' and 'Best Children’s Album' at the Eight Annual Armenian Music Awards in 2006.
You can hear Maggie Tune and her voice production efforts in several Armenian educational toys.
Maggie also produced several episodes of TV shows in Armenian for children.
Currently, Maggie has 5 DVDs and 4 CDs: “Tatigner’ DVD, ‘Tebrotsi Jampan’ DVD, ‘Live In concert’ DVD, “Maggie and Santa’ DVD, ‘Hye enk Menk’ DVD, ‘Pokrig Yerajishdner‘ CD, ‘Datevik’ CD, ‘Dzaghgasdan’ CD and ‘Dzapig-Dzapig’ CD.
Watercolor Butterfly 8